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Providing easy access to your outstanding earnings to give you the power to invest in your growth today.


Why LytePay?

Instant Payments

Receive cash within 3 days of making a request.

Not a Loan

LytePay is not a loan and will not impact your credit standing nor credit bureau report.

No Monthly Interests

Just a one-time processing fee from 1.25% per transaction.

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No, this is not a loan. There's no monthly interest. This is the commission that you've earned.
Visit to sign-up for free with your email address.
You can register for free at LytePay. After you've verified both your mobile number and email, you will be able to request for instant payment (commission advance). Your request will then be reviewed within 1-3 business days. After approval, you can still have a choice to accept or decline it. You will receive your advance commission within 1-2 business day after your accept it.
You can request up to 80% of your net commission.
The one-time fee is dynamically calculated, starting from 1.25% of your advance amount. The fee will be clearly shown in your request form before you submit the request, and will be shown again before you accept the request.

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