The Smartest Way for Companies to Manage Freelancer Payments

LytePay simplifies freelance payment management - by financing cash advances

This eliminates time-consuming negotiations on payment terms.
Instant Payment
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Instant Payment

Payable upon completion of work, when/after the payment is actually earned; and ahead of standard terms of payment.
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    The total amount payable — is a discounted rate on the actual amount earned by the payee. Where the original payment term is 60 days after the date of invoice, the payee can choose to receive payment instantly (on the date of the invoice itself) at a 5% discount. (i.e. On a $1,000 invoice, the payee can choose to receive $1,000 after 60 days, or $950 immediately.)

Advance Payment

Payable before completion of work, when the payment has not actually been earned; but ahead of job completion.
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    The total amount payable in advance — is determined by several factors including the payee’s historical earnings, as well as the duration and consistency of the payee’s past work/partnership with the company. In this case, the amount varies and is subject to approval.
Rebates for Partner Companies
In both scenarios — as long as a payee requests a form of early-payment (either the Instant Payment or the Advance Payment), the Company receives a rebate.
LytePay partners with companies by identifying efficient ways to manage payment requests. And with this insight - build payment processing systems for both single or batched payments.

Instant Payment For Jobs

Instant Payment For Recurring Work

Advance Payment For Jobs

Advance Payment For Recurring Work